Sustainable Architecture


introduction 总述

project 项目          



sustainable criteria for smart buildings:


Analysis and extensive consideration about:

  • Topography, urban surroundings, soil and groundwater situation, climate aspects (e.g. wind and sun exposition, ……),
  • Use of sustainable produced materials (CO² footprint) and consideration about the consequences of the later demolition and the recycling of the materials already during the construction planning,
  • Use of machines for the construction, which have the highest available technical and environmental standard,
  • Innovative and resource effective construction - for constructive details, processing and cooperation,
  • Building design (materials, acoustic and optic comfort – e.g. green roof)
  • Intelligent facade and insulation technique , balanced with the energy concept of the building,
  • Sustainable Building equipement (heating and cooling system, indoor climate regulation, automatic lighting control…),
  • Safety concept (fire protection, accessebility for disabled people….),
  • Sustainable bauphysik (heat-, sound protection, reduced energy expenditure for maintainance..),
  • Maintainance concept (cleaning, professional handling introductions),
  • Smart facilities for the comfort of the user


  • 地形,城市周边,土壤和地下水状况,气候方面(如风吹和日晒,......),
  • 使用可持续性材料制作(符合二氧化碳排放量标准),并考虑对后来拆迁后果和材料的回收利用,
  • 施工使用机器,应符合最高的可用技术和环境标准,
  • 创新的材料及有效的施工 - 建造的详细信息,过程及合作,
  • 建筑设计(材料,声学和光学舒适 - 例如屋顶绿化)
  • 智能门面和绝缘技术设计与大楼的节能概念寻求平衡点
  • 具有可持续性的建筑设备公司(加热和冷却系统,室内气候调节,自动照明控制...),
  • 安全概念(防火,残疾人通行......)
  • 可持续性的建筑物理设计(隔热,完善的保障,减少维修过程的能量消耗等),
  • 定期保养观念(清洁,引进专业处理)。


The goal of this kind of sustainable architecture is the creation of  highly functional and aesthetic, buildings with as less as possible negative impact for the surroundings and environment. That includes the use of new technologies and improved alternatives as well as the intensive discussion with the clients about functions and sustainable materials. We want to build long-term functioning structures and buildings for different target groups.




psychosomatic clinic for Segeberger-Clinics-Group in Bad Segeberg


Address: Bad Segeberg                            

项目地点: 巴德塞格贝尔格市,德国

BGF:     18.700 m²                                          

Rooms: 245(patients and therapy)

Time 02.2009-02.2012

首层面积: 18.700 平方米                  


项目时间: 02.2009-02.2012


ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, CONSERVATION Award 2012 Economy Environment Award Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Due to the sustainable building concept, consideration of environmental and biodiversity issues in the design of new buildings, the consideration of renewable energy sources and combined heat and power, it got the award in 2012.

能源,环境,环保 奖项:2012经济环境范例奖,石勒苏益格 - 荷尔斯泰因州,德国。



new hybrid-operation-building for Segeberger-Clinics-Group in Bad Segeberg


Address: Bad Segeberg

项目地点: 巴德塞格贝尔格市,德国

BGF:     350 m²            首层面积: 350平方米                                     

Rooms: 3 operation rooms + 4 intensive care rooms


Time  项目时间 02.2012- 12-2013


new hotel and residential building in Groß Hansdorf


Address: Groß Hansdorf  项目地点:大汉斯村,德国

Rooms: 40 hotel rooms + 30 flats   房间:40个酒店房间+ 30个住宅 

Time  项目时间 : 02.2008-02.2010

General introduction To build a new ecological hotel and some private flats near the clinic area for the visitors and recovered patients.

Orientation on highly energy saving and sustainable water management systems.




New hotel and residential building Bad Segeberg


To build a new annex to the existing hospital complex.

Meeting the highest standards in energy efficiency, clinical hygiene, medical equipment and building technology.

State-of-the-art HVAC systems, lighting control, CHP.





residential building


Address: Bad Segeberg     项目地址:巴德塞格贝尔格市,德国

Flats: 950 flats between 40 to 100 m²                        


Time 时间: 05.2012-02.2014

General introduction The focus in the construction of this building laid on the solar energy system and the insulation of the

facades to reach a low-energy-house-standard. At the same time the ventilation and heating system are perfectly harmonized to reduce the amount of energy loss.

总体介绍 : 在这个建筑建立太阳能系统和外墙保温上的建设重点,达到低能量的内部标准。同时通风和加热系统是完全平衡的,以减少能量损耗。


office building (addition of a new wing to a historical villa)

办公楼(历史保护别墅的新增翼楼 )

Address: Bad Segeberg     项目地点: 巴德塞格贝尔格市,德国

Rooms: 40 offices 房间:40个办公室

Time 项目时间: 05.2009-02.2011

General introduction The rehabilitation, new organisation and addition of a new modern wing which fits to the heritage building was the task in this project. The villa was built in 1900 and is a cultural heritage object. The implementation of the standards of sustainable energy criteria and cooling/heating systems was done in one year. A special focus was on the species protection in the old roof.




Tropical-Aquarium Hagenbeck Zoo - Smart Electrics

哈根贝克动物园热带水族馆- 智能电工

Address: Hamburg Germany      项目地址:汉堡,德国

Time 项目时间01.2005-03.2008

In the tropical aquarium live more than 14.300 exotic animals out of more than 300 species from all over the world.