A planning team for Sustainable City and Smartcity Development.


Only after the last tree has been cut down 只有在最后一棵树被砍伐之后
Only after the last river has been poisoned 只有在最后一条河中毒之后
Only after the last fish has been caught 只有在最后一条鱼被捕获之后
Then will you find that money cannot be eaten.


(Prophecy of Cree Indians 古印地安预言)

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our philosophy

In Germany one of the most important tasks of all planners is, to reduce the consequences of human development for environment, landscape and nature to the lowest possible level. We call it sustainable planning. Combined with this goal the modern city developes more and more into the direction of a smart city. Saftey, energy efficency, balanced water management, and lots of convenient computer aided possibilities are leading to a city for living in a clean environment without waste, noise and air pollution.



在德国,对所有的规划从业者而言,最重要的任务之一就是要减少人类发展对环境,景观和自然的影响到可能实现的最低影响水平。我们称之为可持续发展规划。 当可持续发展规划与现代城市发展相结合,其发展则逐步趋向于智能城市,安全感,能源高效,水管理平衡以及便利的科技促进城市生活在一个没有垃圾,噪音及空气污染的环境里。


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